Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dr. Kathiria visited Ramkrishna Trust run Cow Farming Research Centre at Kutch

During his visit to Kutch Dr. Kathiria visited this place, to honor the long pending invitation of Shri Manojbhai Solanki who runs Shri Ramkrishna Trust Madhapar - ‘Chintan’ Kukma Cow Farming based Research and Extension Center.

Some years back inspired from Dr. Kathiria’s guidance Shri Manojbhai has started this organic farming and panchgavya clinic at Kukma in Kutch. In this research center various beauty products like hair oil, shampoo, soap and other organic products like tiles cleaner, utensil cleaning powder, incense sticks etc. are produced.

Here Manojbhai also produces various organic fertilizers from cow dung and Gau mutra to promote organic farming. This centre also selling medicinal products made from Gau mutra for curing diseases like sciatica, diabetes, obesity, asthma, dental problems etc.

Dr. Kathiria has truly impressed by seeing all this development. He congratulated Manojbhai and his team for developed such a wonderful research center.

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